Implemented Projects

Community Clean-up for Peace in Vulnerable Gajiram Ward – Nganzai LGA

Pathways to choice: Delaying age of Marriage through Education and Vocational training for out-of-school Girls in Northern Nigeria

Youth employment and social support operation through targeted grant transfer, pupils work fare and special grant transfer 

Building complete and total children for the future development of the Borno State

North East Nigeria Transition to Development (NENTAD) provides access to basic education to 3210 children out-of-school children between the ages of 9-14

The increment in enrolment of girl child into formal schools in Borno State through raising awareness of the importance girl’s education at local and state levels and improving communities’ capacities to effectively respond to girls education needs

Public  Awareness campaign on  Leadership  and  Healthcare  at  Teachers Village

Healthcare  and  Education:  Awareness  campaign on  dangers  of  illiteracy  and  its resultant consequence  on  healthcare  and  religious extremism  at  Gwange  3 primary/junior sec sch

Support to ECR PYE Mainstreaming Activities (3,625 children)

Basic education access to IDP learners program 1400 children

Providing educational materials for 5.665 primary school internally displaced and host community in-school children in Askira/Uba and Chibok LGAs, Borno State, Nigeria 

Educational Intervention Project strengthening the capacity of seventy (70) teachers to impact learning in post conflict situation

Positive Engagement and Open Dialogue in Dala Shuwari Cluster of Communities.

Community-Based Dialogues in Mobbar, Gubio & Diffa

Building Community Cohesion among Shuwa Arab through Celebration of Local Events

Promoting Civil-Security Relations through Dialogue in Gubio, Mobbar & Magumeri LGA, Borno State, Nigeria 

Promoting Civil-Security Relations through Dialogue in Gubio, Mobbar & Magumeri LGA, Borno State, Nigeria

Demographic & Physical Mapping of Shuwa Arab Communities in the North-East, Nigeria