Hallmark Leadership Initiative (HALI) is a nonprofit organization that provides support in key areas, which include Health, Public Awareness, Education, Peace Building and Reintegration, Accountability, Protection (GBV) and Empowerment. The organization’s goal is to create a positive impact on the lives of people in the NorthEast and Nigeria at large through the aforementioned areas, which we believe is the cardinal driver for economic and social growth in any society 


To institute sustainable development by inspiring credible leadership and driving human capital development.

Our Objectives

  • Providing education, training and information
  • Operational delivery of essential humanitarian services, development and social services.
  • Promote tolerance and understanding among religions and ethnic groups
  • Grooming future leaders: Acting as a breeding ground for progressive leaders by training and organizing members to imbibe the culture of selflessness, integrity and developmental thinking.


To contribute in improving the living standard of the vulnerable communities of the NorthEast and Nigeria at large through community mobilization, capacity building, education, advocacy & strengthening of institutions at the grass root level


A society where every person and child has the opportunity to achieve his/her potential and participate in or contribute to all aspect of life


Although the entire communities are the ultimate beneficiaries of our Programs and activities, but the major support is on the vulnerable and marginalized communities. We are serving communities by directly working with them at field level and by collaborating with sister organization for the betterment of vulnerable communities. Activities such as interventions, peace building and youth development may cover community as a whole in order to achieve overall socio-economic transformation and thus contribute to the well-being of the community at large.